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“Stratford and South Warwickshire speakers club what an electric mix we are. Some of our members have been coming to this lovely little club for a couple of decades at least, some nearing three.

What draws them in and more importantly what holds their attention? A number of reasons; a love of the spoken word undoubtedly,?a desire to encourage and nurture improvement of all manner of speaking talents and to share time with good friends forged through years of support and attendance.

Nothing brings more pleasure than a new member, it sends hope through the club. A new person to get to know, a new story to hear, a new talent to shape and develop.

There is no specific type of member, obviously what unites us is a desire for improvement in public speaking but it is greater than that. It is a community and it is a community that knows how to win and have fun. We never take ourselves too seriously.

More recently younger members, teenagers have been popping in. The gavel and the lectern such a far cry from the iPad but they have enjoyed their time with us and we are encouraged by their energy as we host them.

Sometimes the rules if the ASC ( Amateur Association of Speakers) appear a little on the stern side. Speeches must not be political, religious or of a sexual nature and swearing is an abhorrence. However as a parent with your teenager sat there, this quintessential adherence is both reassuring and positive. Back to a time of parlour games and having fun in more innocent and simplistic ways.

Be reassured though there is nothing simplistic about the assignments that each member wends their way through as they strive to complete their number 10 the master class speech

This year like many we have had great success winning the Spouters Stump Solihull Trophy and getting a two members to the semi finals of both the National speaking and evaluation competitions and for the first time in several years a contestant to the National Finals hosted in Glasgow.

There is much to be satisfied about, yes indeedy. .

Jude Jennison
President of Stratford Speakers Club

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Carl W. Buechner

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